Bardot tops 👚

Of lately Bardot tops, also known as off the shoulder tops have been very popular. They have a very unique design in which there is a straight neck line and nothing is  covering the shoulders. I feel like they are perfect for summer, they are flowy, casual and keep you cool, they also flatter every body shape and are really comfortable. Personally, I think Bardot tops look beautiful with jeans or shorts a shoulder bag and trainers or sandals. Many different shops sell a variation of Bardot tops and the price varies. A popular colour for this top is blue and white stripes or red. This top is also amazing because you can throw it on and not feel uncomfortable or restricted, whilst still looking super cute.

Hope you enjoyed !


Models own palettes

Models own have an array of palettes of which I own two called, Barely there and Sculpt and glow.

Barely there

Barely there is an amazing eyeshadow palette. It has many colours including pink, nude, brown and gold. This palette can also create many different looks. One of my favourite looks is a pink smokey eye. For this, I use the colours secret and stark. Secret is a light brown shade and Stark is a deep brown. I use these on the crease of my eye. On the lid I usually use Birthday suit, which is a beautiful shimmery pink.

Sculpt and Glow

Sculpt and Glow is a beautiful face palette with a blush, bronzer and highlight. The bronzer is a cool toned brown that’s really smooth and applys nicely to the face. The highlight is not my favourite and I rarely use it. The highlight is very yellow and does not have much shimmer. It is also very chalky and doesn’t have any pigmentation but the blush is amazing. I tend to use it as a highlight as it is very shimmery and shows up well on my complexion. It also applys very well. Both of these palettes have beautiful packaging. They are white with holographic writing. They are also very sterdy and very easy to open and close.

I hope this helps. Enjoy!

Fashion, Shoes

Sliders 👟

Currently, sliders have been very trendy, Many big companies such as Nike, Gucci, addidas and many other brands have interpreted sliders and added their own logos and design. Sliders are very comfortable to walk in and easy to slip on and go. Also sliders are great for walking around pools and lesiure centres. Sliders can vary in price. someSome of the cheaper ones can cost £5 to £396. I think sliders are very practical because sometimes you don’t want to put on a shoe. It is a great alternative.

hope you enjoyed


L.A girl pro conceal💄✨

Many people love and use the LA girl pro concealer, I really adore this concealer it hides all my blemishes and covers my deep under eye circles. It has a smooth formula and it’s application is very gentle. I am the shade “Chesnut” which blends with my skin tone well but when I want to highlight I tend to use “Toffee and espresso.” I also love this product because they have many shades to suite everyone. It’s price varies from £4.00 to £7.00 and many different shops stock this but in my local Superdrug they do not! I think for the price you can get this it’s an amazing product it gets the job done and works better than some high end products I have tried. 

Hope this helped💖

Fashion, Shoes

Air max thea 👟

The air max thea are a very comfortable shoe, there are designed by nike and sell for £94.45. There are many colour options including black, white, green, cream etc. Thea’s also allow your feet to breath and have a clean classic look. I have these shoes in all white and holographic and they are nice to slip on and leave I also find it very easy to dress them up or down, when it comes to sizing they are on the wider side but I don’t really think that matters to much! At the bottom of the shoe they have a gel layer providing support and comfort. I absolutely think these shoes are good quality and worth the price. 

Enjoy 😊 


Italy 🇮🇹🍝

In 2015 I went to Italy. We stayed near to the city in a beautiful hotel. Whilst we were there we visited the Vatican, luckily we got a fast pass as the lines were so long it would take up to 3 hours just to get in! Inside the Vatican was unlike anything I have ever seen, there were amazingly painted ceilings and grand gold sculptures. There were even guards outside that I took a picture with. We also went to the Trevi fountain sadly it was under renovation and we didn’t get the full experience but it still looked gorgeous. Everyday the weather was hot and I got to eat a lot of gelato. We also visited the colosseum although we didn’t get to go inside it was really cool, it was also awesome to think back to what would have happened there. Italy is an amazing place to visit and has a lot of historical buildings, I would definitely recommend going to visit! 

Hope you like it!


Kenya 🇰🇪

IMG_1109In 2012 I visited my Mums home town of  Nairobi . Whilst there, we stayed at two places one of which was my Grandma’s house. There were many memories that my Mum had told me about including my Grandad’s favourite chair. Everyday the weather was scorching hot. After staying with my Grandma, we took a plane to Mombasa where we stayed at Baobab resort. There were many huts and we stayed in one of them. We also went on a glass bottom boat. This took us to an Island  that at 4:00 would be engulfed by the sea. Another cool thing was that the whole resort was inhabited with wild baboons! I loved Kenya and always will. I definitely recommend going there.

Hope you liked it.