Bardot tops 👚

Of lately Bardot tops, also known as off the shoulder tops have been very popular. They have a very unique design in which there is a straight neck line and nothing is  covering the shoulders. I feel like they are perfect for summer, they are flowy, casual and keep you cool, they also flatter every body shape and are really comfortable. Personally, I think Bardot tops look beautiful with jeans or shorts a shoulder bag and trainers or sandals. Many different shops sell a variation of Bardot tops and the price varies. A popular colour for this top is blue and white stripes or red. This top is also amazing because you can throw it on and not feel uncomfortable or restricted, whilst still looking super cute.

Hope you enjoyed !

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Sliders 👟

Currently, sliders have been very trendy, Many big companies such as Nike, Gucci, addidas and many other brands have interpreted sliders and added their own logos and design. Sliders are very comfortable to walk in and easy to slip on and go. Also sliders are great for walking around pools and lesiure centres. Sliders can vary in price. someSome of the cheaper ones can cost £5 to £396. I think sliders are very practical because sometimes you don’t want to put on a shoe. It is a great alternative.

hope you enjoyed

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Air max thea 👟

The air max thea are a very comfortable shoe, there are designed by nike and sell for £94.45. There are many colour options including black, white, green, cream etc. Thea’s also allow your feet to breath and have a clean classic look. I have these shoes in all white and holographic and they are nice to slip on and leave I also find it very easy to dress them up or down, when it comes to sizing they are on the wider side but I don’t really think that matters to much! At the bottom of the shoe they have a gel layer providing support and comfort. I absolutely think these shoes are good quality and worth the price. 

Enjoy 😊 


That festival feeling

IMG_0674Right now many festivals are going on and the glitter hair parting seems to be in fashion. Many people will apply  glitter to any hair partings they have, often they have buns or a middle parting. I think this look is really cool, it also gives it an alien feel especially when it is paired with buns. Another thing that is in right now is mesh lots of people wear mesh over a bralette and shorts it gives an edgy feel to an outfit

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