Italy 🇮🇹🍝

In 2015 I went to Italy. We stayed near to the city in a beautiful hotel. Whilst we were there we visited the Vatican, luckily we got a fast pass as the lines were so long it would take up to 3 hours just to get in! Inside the Vatican was unlike anything I have ever seen, there were amazingly painted ceilings and grand gold sculptures. There were even guards outside that I took a picture with. We also went to the Trevi fountain sadly it was under renovation and we didn’t get the full experience but it still looked gorgeous. Everyday the weather was hot and I got to eat a lot of gelato. We also visited the colosseum although we didn’t get to go inside it was really cool, it was also awesome to think back to what would have happened there. Italy is an amazing place to visit and has a lot of historical buildings, I would definitely recommend going to visit! 

Hope you like it!


Kenya 🇰🇪

IMG_1109In 2012 I visited my Mums home town of  Nairobi . Whilst there, we stayed at two places one of which was my Grandma’s house. There were many memories that my Mum had told me about including my Grandad’s favourite chair. Everyday the weather was scorching hot. After staying with my Grandma, we took a plane to Mombasa where we stayed at Baobab resort. There were many huts and we stayed in one of them. We also went on a glass bottom boat. This took us to an Island  that at 4:00 would be engulfed by the sea. Another cool thing was that the whole resort was inhabited with wild baboons! I loved Kenya and always will. I definitely recommend going there.

Hope you liked it.


Barcelona ✈️

A few years ago, I visited Barcelona. It was beautiful,  hot and had a great atmosphere. Whilst there, we visited Camp Nou Barcelona’s football ground. It was amazing. We went on a tour and saw the changing rooms, trophy display, spa and press conference room where I got to hold their Champions League trophy. We also went to La Sagrada familia designed by Gaudi. The details on his work was outstanding. We loved walking on the high streets and spent hours just looking at all the unique shops. We stayed in a hotel 15 minutes drive from the city. We had a great view from our window and overall we really enjoyed our stay in Barcelona. It was a brilliant experience and I can’t wait to go back.

Enjoy tune back for another post.


Dubai !

IMG_0671Last February I went to Dubai it was beautiful! The airport was very safe and secure. I stayed with family friends just outside the city. During our stay we visited the desert it was incredible for miles there was just sand, whilst there we went quad biking it was really fun, I loved driving around up and down on the dunes. We then went camel riding and later on in the evening we ate traditional food. One of the attraction points is the shopping centre it is the largest in the world and has some outstanding water features. I did go up the burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world) and to be honest it was quite nerve racking but was worth it in the end. Overall Dubai was a lovely holiday destination and it has many innovative projects that will add to the development of our world.

Hope you enjoyed !