They’re real !


I absolutely love this mascara! The wand is plastic and really separates your lashes. It also pushes your lashes up and thickens them. It retails for £20.50 but to be honest it’s worth it. Another good thing about this mascara is that it doesn’t clump, I can apply two coats and it will not clump. This mascara lasts all day long without smudging. But I do know the stuggle of saving money and a brilliant dupe is the Maybelline the falsies mascara, it costs £7.00, and has a similar wand and same consistency.



Barcelona ✈️

A few years ago, I visited Barcelona. It was beautiful,  hot and had a great atmosphere. Whilst there, we visited Camp Nou Barcelona’s football ground. It was amazing. We went on a tour and saw the changing rooms, trophy display, spa and press conference room where I got to hold their Champions League trophy. We also went to La Sagrada familia designed by Gaudi. The details on his work was outstanding. We loved walking on the high streets and spent hours just looking at all the unique shops. We stayed in a hotel 15 minutes drive from the city. We had a great view from our window and overall we really enjoyed our stay in Barcelona. It was a brilliant experience and I can’t wait to go back.

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That festival feeling

IMG_0674Right now many festivals are going on and the glitter hair parting seems to be in fashion. Many people will apply  glitter to any hair partings they have, often they have buns or a middle parting. I think this look is really cool, it also gives it an alien feel especially when it is paired with buns. Another thing that is in right now is mesh lots of people wear mesh over a bralette and shorts it gives an edgy feel to an outfit

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Dubai !

IMG_0671Last February I went to Dubai it was beautiful! The airport was very safe and secure. I stayed with family friends just outside the city. During our stay we visited the desert it was incredible for miles there was just sand, whilst there we went quad biking it was really fun, I loved driving around up and down on the dunes. We then went camel riding and later on in the evening we ate traditional food. One of the attraction points is the shopping centre it is the largest in the world and has some outstanding water features. I did go up the burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world) and to be honest it was quite nerve racking but was worth it in the end. Overall Dubai was a lovely holiday destination and it has many innovative projects that will add to the development of our world.

Hope you enjoyed !


Naked palette 3 review

The naked 3 palette has gorgeous shades, some of my favourite shades are nooner, liar and limit. Nooner is a beautiful matte shade that sits nicely in the crease. Liar is similar to nooner but it’s a shimmery shade that sits on the lid. Limit is another crease shade that goes well on the outer v. All three of these shades go well together to make a rosey everyday eye look.